Creekside Middle School


Extra-Curricular Activities
A wide variety of after-school clubs and activities are available for students.  Some of these extra-curricular programs have a fee, and others do not.  Students are encouraged to check with their 1st period teacher or activity/club sponsor for more information.  Here is a partial listing of the sponsored clubs and activities:

  •  Art Club
  •  Drama/Play
  •  Newspaper
  •  Student Council
During the school day, students in all grades are offered the opportunity to participate in band.   This programs meet during a student’s study hall period.  This is a graded class, and the grades are averaged for honor roll status.
Course Agreement Form
Jazz Band 
The Jazz Band ia an extra-curricular groups that require auditions for membership.  This group meets prior to the start of the school day.  Please see the band teacher for more information.
There are three grade level choir classes that meet in place of Study Skills (Study Hall). Choir is open to all students regardless of musical experience. As this is a graded class, the grade earned is averaged into the GPA and affects honor roll status. In addition to the curricular grade level choirs, there are two extra-curricular choirs that meet before school. For more detailed and up to date information please go to "Peiffer, Duane" on the Staff Pages portion of the CMS website.

Students may begin orchestra in 4th grade.   The orchestra program in D200 began in 2011 and is gradually growing each year; currently orchestra is available through 7th grade.  Creekside tudents meet with Orchestra Director Lyndra Tingley on a daily basis.  For more information, please see the Creekside Orchestra Handbook.



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